BBL Surgery Turkey | Brazilian Butt Lift

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BBL Surgery Turkey | Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift or BBL is one of most the demanded plastic surgery procedures in Turkey and it is very important that you have all the informations about its risks and benefits. The BBL is a refined procedure that combines standard liposuction or ultrasound liposuction with the transfer of the patient’s own fat from other parts of the body into the buttocks. Because the added fat tissue is not foreign, there is no chance of rejection, but the fat cells, transferred from an area to another of the same body, will have about 70% chances of survival.


In other words, some of the fat injected will be reabsorbed naturally by your body, so that you will be able to appreciate the final result of your buttock enlargement only after a few weeks after these processes has finished and the swelling has been reabsorbed.

Similarly, to other cosmetic procedures, The Brazilian butt lift can be combined with other surgeries like breast augmentation or liposculpture, or tummy tuck, reshaping the all body.

How does the (bbl surgery) buttock procedure lift work?

The buttock lift procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and takes between one and two hours.

The procedure can be targeted at a single area on the buttocks or thighs, or can be extended to cover the whole area. In some cases, the buttock lift may be combined with liposuction to remove excess fat over a wider area and free up the skin that needs to be lifted.

Typically, your surgeon will remove tissue at the junction of lower back and buttock. This allows for an elevation of the tissue and a reshaping of the buttocks, hips and the lower back. Buttock cosmetic surgery can also be performed in combination with liposuction of the hips. The removed fat is then transferred into the buttock area. This is ideal for patients with flatter buttocks and can restore their youthful curves.

There are four different buttock lift techniques:

  • Upper buttock lift - the most invasive method of surgery where an incision is made at the top of the buttocks, the excess underlying tissue removed and the buttock repositioned to improve its appearance and contour. This procedure can leave a long scar at the top of the buttocks but is a very effective means to lift the position of the buttocks.
  • Lower buttock lift - a suitable option if you have moderate sagging only. An incision is made in the lower buttocks where there is a natural crease in the buttock fold. Excess tissue is removed from the lower side of the buttock resulting in a less visible scar, hidden in the natural crease line
  • Butterfly buttock lift – this procedure gets its name from the shape of the incision which starts from the central crease and carries on upwards and outwards like the wings of a butterfly. This method is effective in tightening the skin, but it less effective for repositioning or lifting of the buttocks.
  • Lateral buttock lift – also suitable for moderate buttock sagging is a lateral approach to the buttock lift. An incision is made into the outer side of each buttock and is a good choice for people who do not have dramatic sagging or large amounts of excess fat and skin, and want to minimise scarring

    What are the benefits of a (BBL Surgery) Buttock lift?

    The benefits of a Buttock lift are both cosmetic and psychological, and include:

  • Firmer, leaner buttocks and upper thigh area
  • More shapely buttocks and upper thigh area
  • Redefined, lower body figure and outline
  • Tightened buttock skin elasticity
  • Reduce appearance of a ‘saggy’ bottom
  • Ability to wear tighter cut clothes/swimwear
  • Improved sense of emotional wellbeing

    What are some of the main aesthetic considerations for your surgeon?

    Two key considerations are symmetry and scarring.

Surgical experience and careful planning are required to produce a symmetrical result. It is common to see patients who have had unequal amounts of skin and fat removed with unnaturally shaped buttocks and thighs, of unequal size. There are even occasions where patients have required to have skin put back, using skin grafts. This is a key consideration at the outset
A skilled surgeon can minimise scarring and place them expertly in locations where they are not visible to the eye. Scars take some months to settle in, but your surgeon will try and confine the scarring to the buttock fold or groin areas

Who is an ideal candidate for BBL surgery?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, it’s essential to be in good health, And you might be asked from your surgeon to suspend some medications which can increase risk of bleeding or clotting. You will need to have some areas of excess fat, that can be harvested and injected into the buttocks. Prior to surgery and after surgery, in order to preserve your own fat deposit, it’s advisable not to be on any diet, and also intensive exercise meant to burn your fat, must be avoided during this time.

Is BBL surgery safe in Turkey?

Every cosmetic procedure has risks related to surgery and anaesthesia, The Brazilian buttock lift is not much more dangerous than other procedures, when performed by a plastic surgeon trained in liposuction and fat transfer. The main cause of fat embolism and nerve damage after BBL are related to the injection of fat into the gluteus muscle. When the fat is injected subcutaneously, the BBL is quite a safe procedure. Dr Aktas is highly experienced in fat transfer, liposculpture, Vaser liposuction and Microware (power assisted) liposuction in Turkey.

How long is recovery after this procedure?

The procedure can be planned as a day case, or you might require a 1-night stay. Return to work is generally after 2 weeks, you will need to wear a compressive garment for 4 weeks and, very importantly, you will need, as much as possible to avoid sitting on your buttock for about 3 weeks.


What Is the Difference Between a Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants?

Both procedures are buttocks enhancing surgical techniques, but include different methods to achieve results. A Brazilian butt lift uses fat from another of your body. However, if you do not have sufficient fat to perform fat grafting, you can benefit from butt implants. Dr. Resat offers a variety of shapes and sizes of butt implants to help you attain optimal results.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most patients can return to work and normal activity within one to two weeks after the procedure. Your recovery will depend on how diligently you follow your post-surgical instructions and how fast you heal. The key to recovery is resting and not doing too much activity too soon.

When Can I Resume Exercising after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

You can begin walking and light activity two to three weeks after the procedure. In most cases, Dr. Resat will release you to full physical activity six to eight weeks after the procedure, as long as you are responding well to surgery and recovering nicely. Although you may feel better sooner than you are released, it is imperative to give the fat transfer adequate time to stabilize in order to achieve desired results.

When Can I Sit after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

You will be directed to use an inflatable pillow when sitting for at least eight weeks in order to ease discomfort and help you achieve a smooth recovery. Sitting directly on your buttocks too soon will cause a disruption in the fat transfer.

When Will I See the Results of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Although you will see immediate results, as the swelling and bruising subsides over the next few weeks, you will begin to notice greater results. Over the course of the next few months, the fat will continue to stabilize. Most patients are able to enjoy final results in about four to six months.


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